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Summary: Thursday 1st Sept 2011. Reflection and library routes

1) What have been your impressions of #UKLibChat so far?

  • Can be hard to keep track of ” like standing under a waterfall” Need to have lots of windows open to keep track
  • Useful for connecting to those with similar interests – find new people to follow
  • Been very useful to talk to other librarians.

2) Have you found the initiative useful? If so, what have you gained or learned? and 3) What have people found to be the most use from #uklibchat then?

  • The summaries are appreciated (2 people) That’s good to know! – Ed.  
  • Enjoyed reading people’s views of e-books

4) Do you have any ideas for activities etc that have been inspired by #UkLibChat that chatters could help realise?

  • Forum for organisation could be a good idea, definitely for cross-sector
  • This could end up duplicating LISNPN and other forums though
  • But potentially a platform and place to discuss upcoming events or conferences? (this idea seemed popular with others)
  • Interesting to know if other people are going to conferences
  • Also sharing expertise for people like grad trainees, solos or public library campaigners
  • Potential for an “unconference” event

4a) What do you think of the themes?

  • Like them, keeps it on topic
  • But we could have a “free chat” to see what comes up
  • Sometimes too many questions in one chat, though this is very subjective

5. Why did you become a librarian/information professional?

  • Market forces – it was where the work was
  • Mother was positive about libraries – “the coolest place ever!”
  • Got a job as a library assistant and was hooked!

6) What do you enjoy most about your role?

  •  Intellectually stimulating, in a developing field and I feel like I’m doing something more than just contributing to bottom line
  • Interaction with students – gratification of finding the thing that is *just* what they need


 7) Do you have a library hero? An inspiring role model?


7a  Has anyone had a mentor? If so how did you get along?

  • Awesome mentor from grad traineeship
  • Informal mentors http://t.co/uwHHQuE
  • @jaffne will be mentor for chartership
  • Mentor was excellent at her job and had good relationships with rest of staff…so could advocate on my behalf very well
  • Advice for those with new mentors – don’t worry about “hassling” then, they’re there to help.

8 ) How would you explain librarianship to someone? 

  • “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one” Neil Gaiman http://t.co/FF3oixe
  • “I feel like I am still explaining it to myself.” Always learning something new
  • Something to do with education
  • Always changing – such a fast-moving field
  • Information management

Awesome suggestion: ”How about reaching out to people not already taking part? If each one of us invites someone else who hasn’t taken part before

A career development and job hunting chat was suggested as the topic for next time.

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