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Summary – 1st December: Mobile Devices in Libraries

Question 1: What mobile apps would you like to see in libraries?

  • @joeyanne I’d like to see innovative use of mobile functionality to help users find materials whilst in and out of library so in the library it might be augmented reality and location based services, out of the library would be electronic resources
  • @librarydonna @uklibchat ability for users to add content (eg: book reviews) to library catalogue
  • @daceudre @librarydonna @uklibchat also list of suggested books by analysing your previous loans.
  • @calire I want an app that can scan a book barcode and tells me if it’s in my local library…
  • @daceudre It would be great to use mobile phone to slide along the bookshelf and see what books are there without getting it out of shelf.
  • @shedsue Just the catalogue would be a start! Then exclusive content only available thru a mobile app, old maps say or street museum…
  • @librarydonna @uklibchat guess only way would be to provide loans of devices, or bank of ipod touches for use in library?
Q2: What are the main uses of mobile apps in libraries?
  • @JohnGreenaway  we’ve done the ask a librarian on mobile here in Cardiff – reasonably popular, but less use than desktop
  • @joeyanne  Main areas I found were categorised into library content, library services, and utilising new technologies

Q3 How does a library utilise mobile devices without leaving other users out

  • @JohnGreenaway we have a rule that any core features should be available the open pcs in the libraries too.

Q4, What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile apps over mobile versions of websites?

  • @librarydonna functionality better thought out, more user control and interactivity in general
  • @JohnGreenaway  unless after really fancy stuff like augmented reality – mobile web much more cost effective to reach lots of models
  • @librarydonna  disad of apps – have to download, mobile version of web quicker
  • @joeyanne Interesting article on mobile web vs. mobile app:http://t.co/Uf4NKa9F Useful graph on how people use them both

Q6. Should staff receive formal training in using mobile devices?

  • @librarydonna  yes but the best way is to play and find out for yourself, it’s inspiring to be shown possibilities though 
  • @AgentK23 need resources (time and money and staff) alas public libraries don’t seem to have much any of the three

Q7. How do you avoid the wrong technology, or a provider who controls content like Apple?

  • @librarydonna  well you have to take risks, but many times a pilot works well, feedback from users key
  • @AgentK23 I guess one of the things to consider is data protection, how secure is user info? will extra info be stored? and who will c it?

Question 8. What uses could QR codes be put to in libraries?

  • @librarydonna  we used them last year to advertise book week – about 10 different with colour backgrounds, posted all around school
  • @librarydonna  can use them on shelves too to link physical books to information and/or reviews, eg series order list
  • @AgentK23  Treasure hunt / book quest in library! I’d love that personally
  • @libraryweb more info on the books on a shelf (or a book in particular); list what books are out on loan on a shelf
  • @librarydonna had idea of public (or maybe uni) libraries promoting services with qr beer mats, placed in local pubs
  • @uklibchat Sussex library uses QR codes so uses can anonymously complain about noise in a particular area.
  • @preater would like to put a qr code on each oddball bit of library equipment that takes you to a video of how to use it.
  • @calire I did something using QR codes linking to old photos of the library, wanted to place them so you could see how it looked in 50s


More links mentioned in the discussion or added to the agenda



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