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Summary – 12 January 2012 – Libraries and librarians in 2012

  1. What was your biggest achievement of 2011? (libraries-wise!)
  • Having something published in Catalogue & Index http://www.cilip.org.uk/get-involved/special-interest-groups/cataloguing-indexing/pages/publications.aspx
  • Cycling for Libraries
  • Using social media for professional purposes
  • Successful MA LIS dissertation
  • Getting MA Librarianship
  • New professionals network for Romanian & Russian professionals
  • Library camps
  • Getting first library job
  • Success of CPD23 programme
  • Getting graduate traineeship
  • Fathomed out the 1964 Public Libraries Act – took some effort, still some depths to plumb
  • Being selected to speak at the New Professionals Conference
  • Getting onto MA LIS course
  • ALA conference funding
  • Proudest moment was being asked to join @UKpling and taking part in @uklibchat session at #libcampuk11
  • Finding a new job after being made redundant from a school library. Was worried I wouldn’t in this time of library cuts.
  • Getting to do a PhD

2. What do you think the big issues facing libraries will be in 2012? 

  • Funding is bound to be a major issue.
  • Unity as a profession in the face of cutbacks
  • Fewer students coming to university may affect some of us
  • Realising the power of social media
  • The beginning of the end of the tradition of the community library in the UK (hopefully not)
  • Ebooks in public libraries is going to be more of an issue. Not sure how this will work out with decreased budgets.
  • Need good advocacy – library closures still a big issue
  • Libraries will start a war against the DRM!
  • Think the idea of volunteers running public libraries will be an issue in 2012. Lack of trained staff might see libraries suffer
  • Lack of status
  • The need to shout about school libraries
  • Lack of library workers due to vacant posts not being filled
  • Working together as a profession to ensure we’re keeping with society and meeting users current needs
  • Closures
  • Ebook publishing

 3. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions for your library/information service? 

  • Work harder to fully integrate social media in our engagement with our users
  • Listen to the staff on the ground; they often know what’s best
  • We could make a resolution that it would be good for the libraries to have a resolution for next year 🙂
  • Reach out to new users. Continue good service for the students and staff who do appreciate us
  • To get stuck into my new job
  • My resolution is to help more with local library groups
  • Cut down 5 services and do what’s left better. I think we’re losing focus.
  • Improve communication with people interested in our work (website, newsletter..)

 4. Do you have any personal professional resolutions for yourself? 

  • Chartership
  • Chartership revalidation
  • Learn to use an RSS feed aggregator
  • Should control the time spent on social networks
  • Pass degree
  • Take on fewer things, do those things I say yes to REALLY WELL
  • Secure funding for an MA? Or if not, another library job so I can save money for an MA
  • Blog more
  • Attend #uklibchat !
  • Fellowship
  • To see in a new era for the public libraries
  • Code year
  • Never, ever agree to work in a project without project management method+tool
  • Ask lots of questions. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Because now’s the time I can (and should) do so
  • Also going to make the most of my trainee experience and make as many good contacts as possible!
  • Publish paper from dissertation
  • Organise more events for info professionals in Leeds
  • Do something Wikipedian
  • Get new professionals moving at national level
  • Working on major new programme; completing 7 international projects; learning.
  • ALA Emerging Leaders
  • Chairing CILIP West Midlands
  • Cycle 4 Libraries
  • Continue with library school (part-time via distance learning) increase stock knowledge & get to know more library people
  • Concentrate on CPD by attending training sessions and conferences once library school dissertation completed
  • Get stuck in!

 5. Something library- or librarian-related that you would like to complete: “2012, Year of …”

  • Year of National Libraries Day
  • Participation in the next #cyc4lib (cycle for libraries)
  • Year of…The Librarian! It’d be fab if librarians dominated the Queen’s Honours’ List.
  • …Becoming a Librarian

 6.What new technological development would you like to see for libraries in 2012?

  • Wider adoption of mobile technology and innovative uses of location based info, augmented reality etc.
  • Public libraries to provide WorldCat (or similar) type bibliographies for the public (then figure out how to fund all the ILLs)
  • More libraries making their data free for mashups etc.
  • More examples of re-using data in innovative ways.
  • Fewer restrictions on online resources so we can serve user needs better
  • None – I want to see how we apply lean entrepreneurship methods to great services we are already developing
  • Would love to request public library books online & get them posted to me. Would pay for postage.
  • The magic button to fix metadata incompatibility between memory institutions
  • Use of QR codes – great for linking to library catalogue and maps of the library
  • Central e-repository

 7. How could School/ FE/ HE Librarians work together better this year and in the future?

  •  Maybe more initiatives for school groups to come and make use of university library facilities on occasion?
  • School libraries should take pupils to visit FE libraries in prep for moving there. FE libraries so much bigger, it’d make them less intimidating.
  • Just talk more. We’ve moved to an open-plan office and it’s great to have all of ‘Information Services’ as one.
  • University library visits for 16-18yr olds. I work in school and HE. Sharing resources would be nice!
  • More use of consortia
  • School librarians need to be valued by HE & FE but also by education in general. Need to reach beyond our clans!

8. How will people read and choose books in the next 50 years compared to the past 50 years?

  • Kindles/iPads already having a massive impact. This will increase enthusiasm for books, not diminish it.
  • I think we still have 2 or 3 decades of the paper book, & we will still use them after that for close reading
  • I see it reflecting music – digital for everyday stuff but still a fondness for buying vinyl(/paper) stuff you love
  • The concept of ‘distance reading’ will be become more respectable
  • Hoping that there will be more (less clunky) examples of virtual shelf browsing in catalogues.
  • Books chosen through online catalogue and other mediums too, e.g. collaborate with publishers. Books read electronically
  • Resource discovery, not just literature, but all related resources to a topic, will be out of this world
  • Paper books will go on – they are more than information and stories – they store memories for the individual too
  • Librarians will gradually render the sophisticated technologies they use user friendly; progressing to even higher challenges
  • A lot can happen in 50 years. Perhaps we’ll have libraries implanted in our brains by then?
  • Librarians will find a way to ‘electronify’ the ‘shelf experience’ without losing any of the value of the shelf experience 🙂
  • There won’t be changes in choosing content, but there will be changes in choosing media.
  • Hope to be retired by then… though it seems the concept of a retirement will be retired by 2050
  • We will hopefully also see a more prosperous society through a richer literary culture
  • Epaper as norm; books as luxury (cf hardback) still user demand for paper backstock (as now) …

 9. Do you think public and other libraries will continue to be threatened by cuts, or will things get better? 

  • Think it’s going to get worse, when politicians start taking lessons from abroad (from a Finnish contributor)
  • Think it will get worse, and then hopefully if we survive at all, get better…in a few years….
  • Also the demographics are working against us; people retiring, and no new people hired in. Same thing happened in early 90s.
  • It’s going to be very tough but we’re going to do everything we can
  • I’m forever optimistic and like the idea of libraries/community centres like this: http://www.hackney.gov.uk/dalston-library.htm
  • Has there ever been a time when libraries haven’t been under threat to some extent? Maybe we need a new age of philanthropy?
  • Librarians have my confidence in the long term I think; democracy will win
  • Wouldn’t want to imagine it getting any worse with all the advocacy skills librarians are gaining continuously
  • Things have to get better or we’re all doomed

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