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Happy Birthday #uklibchat!

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Happy Birthday to #uklibchat

#uklibchat held its first Twitter chat this time last year!  To celebrate we’re have a few words from some of the team that brings these chat sessions to you!

Hello everyone,

Happy #uklibchat day! Hope you’re all well. Just wanted to say what a fab year it’s been, and thank you so much for being such supportive team mates :D.

I’ll spare you all my art skills (they’re pretty rotten) but it’s been a real pleasure working with you all. It’s been exciting to see everyone’s professional development, and an honour to get to know you better personally. Thanks to your help and hard work, #uklibchat has grown into a vibrant part of the LIS online landscape. So, congratulations everyone! Here’s a picture from Flickr in lieu of a birthday cake: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cupcakeenvy/6078214220/

Best wishes,

Adrienne (@sphericalfruit)


I’ve taken part in #uklibchat regularly over the past year, and have recently joined the team and started helping to run the sessions. As a library school student, I find it really helpful to get involved in discussions with professionals with more experience, and those from other sectors. It’s fantastic how established #uklibchat has become in such a short space of time, even being named one of the essential Twitter chats for the library crowd by the Online Education Database last month.

Happy birthday #uklibchat, here’s to the next year!

Annie (@annie_bob)



Happy Birthday #uklibchat!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the #uklibchat team, past and present, for all the hard work that has been put in to keep #uklibchat running! I’d also like to thank all the  people who take part in #uklibchat!  Without you, giving us topic discuss and questions to ask, without you giving your time to participate in the Twitter sessions, and spreading the word, we wouldn’t be here now a year on!  So


Ka-Ming (@agentk23)


When we first formed #UKLibChat after the CILIP New Professionals Conference in 2011, it seemed a rather daunting task. Setting up the required documents, circulating promotional materials and setting up the website could have all seemed like a lot of effort just to create a bit of discussion. Of course, #UKLibChat isn’t just a discussion, it is a way to tackle issues, share ideas, and develop as a professional, so thank you to those who have taken part and helped us to make it work. Here’s to the future!
Sam (@LibWig)


Things have changed a lot for me in the past year professionally and #UKLibChat has too! We’ve really grown in terms of the number of people we’re reaching and we’ve got some exciting new developments planned for the next couple of months.

I think the great thing about #UKLibChat is how inclusive it is: you don’t have to have loads of followers on Twitter or have a particular position at work – anyone can join in. For me, it’s been a fab way of staying in touch with library issues on Twitter despite not really being able to access it during the daytime. 

I’d also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the rest of the team members – but particularly Ka-Ming (@agentk23), who’s the one who’s really kept the #UkLibChat show on the road.

Sarah (@sarahcchilds)


And we also asked our former team member to give a few words too!

#uklibchat was an exciting project that came out of discussions at New Professionals Conference 2011. Myself and Ka Ming were both very interested in engaging with the library community somehow, but we’d found it difficult to make very many contacts. An American twitter event called #libchat sounded really interesting, but as it was held at 2 AM UK time, it really wasn’t feasible to go. The conference turned out to be a really great way to make build contacts, and #uklibchat was a way to expand on this. It’s great that librarians and people in training have a place to make new contacts and share ideas. And its really great that there are so many other groups who’ve taken up the general idea. I was especially excited to learn recently that an Irish Lib Chat has been started.

Thanks to the people who’ve organised these events, and to those who’ve taken part. Happy birthday #uklibchat

Joseph (@dreaming_entity)


To round things off, let’s have a picture of the team from last year’s LibCampUK11.   If everything falls into place, we will be there for LibCampUK12 too!  ❤

picture of the uklibchat team

uklibchat @ libcampuk11
Left to right: Sarah, Sam, Adrienne, Ka-Ming

We hope you’ll continue to join us at #uklibchat!


#uklibchat team


About Ka-Ming

Librarian at a University in London and one of the founding members of uklibchat.wordpress.com Find me @agentk23

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