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Summary – 8th January 2013 – A New Year’s #uklibchat

In what we hope will become a regular thing, we used the first #uklibchat of the year as an opportunity to reflect on the year that’s just gone, and to look ahead to 2013. Hopefully sharing your resolutions with us will be a good way to help them stick, and if you spot someone else with the same resolution as you why not get in touch with them and buddy up?

Q1) What was your biggest achievement of 2012?

  • ellyob Q1 probably my biggest palpable achievement was getting my #chartership
  • dave1lloyd Q1 getting my ICT Dept to recognise that thin clients and cloud storage was an okay topic for People’s Network development
  • libchris Not sure I have one big achievement in 2012 -however after taking on more responsibility at work, just glad kept head above water
  • Annie_Bob Q1) Definitely getting my new job. Hurray!
    • ellyob @Annie_Bob congrats! Surviving the job application process is an achievement in itself.
    • libchris @ellyob @Annie_Bob agreed -I’m terrible in interviews – hence one of my resolutions ๐Ÿ˜‰
    • Annie_Bob @libchris @ellyob job hunting was horrendous, the sense of achievement for getting job was so much higher than finishing the MA!
  • ellyob Q1 taking on project management was a major achievement, I’d attended courses but was keen to consolidate with actual experience
  • stukorp Q1. Biggest achievement of last year probably finding my place in a new organisation, that and successful QR code treasure hunt
  • Philbradley Greatest achievement of 2012 – getting thru it and coming out the other side! ๐Ÿ™‚
    • librarysherpa Ditto and amen to that! RT @Philbradley Greatest achievement of 2012 – getting thru it and coming out the other side! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • medievaljenga my biggest achievement in 2012, getting out of NHS informatics and into a library trainee position
  • poetryghost q1 I’d say surviving SRC with a great increase in numbers participating n completing! Best results EVAR
  • uklibchat I’m really enjoying reading the answers to Q1, such talented and high achieving people we all are ๐Ÿ˜€
  • CaraClarke Q1 Going abroad for a study visit – it was my first time travelling alone to a country I can’t speak the lingo. I was petrified!
  • dave1lloyd Q1 positioning Library Service to deliver Council information next year therefore avoiding any big budget cuts
  • rugabela Q.1 I can’t say 2012 was a good year. I’ve experienced the bad situation in my country. On the other hand it was a good year to attend seminars and meet new people and groups & get fresh info
    • Annie_Bob @rugabela I think when you have had a tough year it’s really valuable to look back & pick out the positives
    • rugabela @Annie_Bob Yes, I had ups and downs and I think I was lucky in the past but the crisis here is too long…
  • Kosjanka Q1. Starting a work based blog within my own organisation. Felt brave to publish under my name!
  • poetryghost q1 more reinterpretin – for my lib service as well as self – proud of how MY lib service is finally properly using social media
  • SaintEvelin Q1 ’12 was an amazing year for me: many exciting changes in my life, including my first professional job.

Q2) What do you think will be the biggest issues facing libraries in 2013?

  • medievaljenga the biggest issue facing libraries this year? Money money money! Lack of funding for jobs will be my biggest problem
  • Philbradley Q2 Fighting for relevancy against politicians, managers etc who think libraries are no longer relevant.
    • CaraClarke Q2 Agree with @Philbradley Justifying our existence to those who think we have been superseeded by Google.
  • stukorp Q2 Also the continually changing face of electronic resource provision!
  • dave1lloyd Q2 Working with staff on developing a more cohesive information / sign posting / advice provision
  • librarysherpa Q2) <<Plus รงa change, plus c’est la mรชme chose.>> Shrinking budgets, increased prices, lack of respect for profession, etc.
  • Annie_Bob 2) I don’t think it will be much different to 2012, proving our value in the face of cuts
  • librarysherpa Q2) Libraries continuing to adapt to integrate technology (ebooks, etc) but dealing with cost and training of it all.
    • stukorp @librarysherpa Q2. Absolutely! Librarians are brilliant at doing more with less. Almost too good at it!
  • rugabela Q2. Going forward despite the economic crisis & all about employment issues (redundancies, closures, jobs…)
  • dave1lloyd Q2 new LMS, new People’s Network, funding for self service and Wi-Fi and arguing for an accessible social media policy
  • davidstern123 Q2: becoming the portal of choice (relevance) vs other more popular but less authoritative starting search engines
  • ellyob Q2 I wonder how different these challenges are from previous years (since the recession began)
  • MariaCentrone Q2: learn how to communicate with our users/patrons/members, without assuming WE KNOW what they need/want! Let’s talk to them!
  • mrnick Q2 Helping steer HEIs through post-Finch landscape of #OpenAccess to research. Gold vs Green /Article Processing Charges
  • SaintEvelin #uklibchat Q2 Open Access is coming and some libraries might start feeling the first teething pains this year…Changes to HE for acad libs too. And Economy for everyone. Same old threat from not enough money ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • poetryghost q2 also continue to include fight to b allowed to use new media n tech in libs, both within own orgs & industry. See ebooks

Q3) If you made a resolution last year (http://t.co/8qH23Sjk) how successful were you?

  • JenFosterLib Q3 no NY resolution but I always commit to change after attending conferences/ training. So far achieved 1 of 3.
  • ellyob Q3 I didn’t make formal resolutions, but I did aim to complete #chartership (and did!) my chartership aims were sort of resolutions, to become more professionally active, engage outside of health
  • Annie_Bob I can’t remember exactly what I said last year, I think it may have been to do #codeyear which I failed miserably at
  • poetryghost q3 I’ve never liked them so none last year or this one personally or for work. I do like to kickstart things about now tho
  • CaraClarke Q3 I blogged my professional resolutions for 2012. Only partially achieved, think i made too many!
  • CyberV Q3: I (am trying to) resolve to postpone my work related social media duties to the end of the day to avoid distraction.
  • ellyob Q2 any resolutions/aims for the year not achieved, reflect on why without chastising yourself . Seems a lot of us made resolutions we didn’t achieve, worth reflecting on why – too many? Too large? Unrealistic? Be SMART
    • rugabela @ellyob For that reason, I don’t usually make many of them because I tend to forget. Something realistic…
    • ellyob @rugabela making resolutions for their own sake doesn’t make sense, I utilise appraisals to set goals etc, more than resolutions

Q4) If you havenโ€™t already added them to the Google Doc (http://t.co/T7iSwrG3) do you have any professional new yearโ€™s resolutions for yourself?

  • CaraClarke Q4 My only professional resolution this yr is to revalidate my chartership.
  • ellyob Q4 my resolution is to write a blog monthly, #chartership fueled my interest in getting more writing experience
  • AgentK23 Q4. Mine are: Short: Complete Coursera Course in January and Finish Chartership Portfolio and run a LDN Libteachmeet. But for the libteachmeet, I first need to find a free venue relatively central in London! Can any London Libraries help??
  • Annie_Bob A resolution for this year is to get back blogging. Have agreed to live-blog at a conference tomorrow so that shd give me a kick!
    • ellyob @Annie_Bob I plan to blog too, set myself target of blogging monthly to stay SMART. Happy to chivvy and be chivvied ๐Ÿ™‚
    • Annie_Bob @ellyob #chivvying team it is!
    • ellyob @Annie_Bob Have just started a Google Doc for blog ideas, to facilitate achieving my resolution!
    • Annie_Bob @ellyob nice! I have a few ideas in my head at the moment, may make a few draft posts to start myself off
  • libchris Q4 -Getting a mentor for #chartership, and improve interview techniques top priority – that and staying sane ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • MariaCentrone Q4. support collaborative projects between FE and HE libraries. They have so much in common but often they work in a v isolated way
  • ellyob Q4 another resolution would be to maintain the momentum that #chartership gave me in terms of engagement
  • mrnick my New Year resolutions to do more exercise and eat less chocolate…am I doing this right?

    Q5) Do you have any new yearโ€™s resolutions for your library/service?

    • CyberV Planning to engage more directly with our faculty and to continue the weekly law lib newsletter we recently initiated.
    • CaraClarke Q5 I’d like us to register for @Colric_Tweets peer assessment review. Not sure if we’re ready yet but would like to get started.
    • Annie_Bob Q5) come up with ways to better support our students through exam stress
    • libchris Q5) Make progress with some of the retrospective cataloguing of the books by/about alumni of the college
    • ellyob Q5 I work in a slightly different environment, but I’d like us to continue to innovate and maintain our excellent teamwork. I work in quite a new team (created 2011) so it’ll be interesting seeing how the team continues to develop
    • librarysherpa Q5) I think a good resolution is to continue to improve your skills and procedures. There’s always a way to do something better.
      • ellyob @librarysherpa excellent resolution, we’re good on continual process improvement – it’s even required by some contracts!
    • AgentK23 Q5 I don’t have for my libraries, but wonder if we should have some as #uklibchat team!
    • MariaCentrone Q5) Mapping team processes to streamline workflows and improve customer experience. Has anyone gone through process mapping?
      • stukorp @MariaCentrone Q5 Process mapping is something we’ve just started doing for some of our projects, seems very useful.

    Q6) Do you have plans for National Libraries Day this year? #NLD13

    • amycrossmenzies Q6) I don’t know of any where I work but I’d like to encourage something… I’m not sure what though… as far as I’m aware these kinds of events seem to pass us by in academic library…anyone got experience doing stuff in unis?
      • poetryghost @amycrossmenzies not exp in unis but. Involve students n professors – e.g. do a display where peeps can write post its of yay. Or get students to dress as hippies w signs Free (Love crossed out) BOOKs and hand out ex lib stock on campus
    • librarysherpa Q6) Nat’l Libraries Week in the US is 14-20 April. Maybe this link might help with ideas for UK? http://t.co/Dr2GtDC9
    • librarysherpa Q6) Personally, love to see Libraries Flotilla on the Thames for UK’s Nat’l Libraries Day. But, that’s just me [adjusting tiara]
    • AgentK23 oooh @librarysherpa I hope someone organises a flash mob or something!
    • Kosjanka Iโ€™m from a digital library team serving at a distant, so difficult, but planning to at least blog about libraries #nld13
    • stukorp Q6. We’ll do a few tweets but redevelopment might make physical stuff difficult.
    • @vanillarose83: @uklibchat Q6 My library is going to have a book sale- giving the proceeds to charity #uklibchat I’d love more ideas!
    • librarysherpa @Annie_Bob @AgentK23 Q6) I’d say have a special #uklibchat on that day, but you all should be in your libraries celebrating.
    • Annie_Bob Q6) I have to admit I haven’t had chance to think about #NLD13 yet. Now Xmas is well and truly over I will!

    Q7) Do you have any suggestions for #uklibchat topics for 2013? (Including past chats you would like to see repeated)

    • ellyob thanks for a very informative chat – lots about interview from interviewees & interviewers: future topic?
    • librarysherpa Q7) Recommend having specialized sessions. e.g. just law/legal, just academic, just public. To get more in-depth abt some topics.
      • uklibchat @librarysherpa that’s an idea we’ve considered in the past, thanks! Would be good way to learn more abt different sectors I think
    • librarysherpa Q7) Maybe have ppl gather at one on-site location for a groupthink there and via Twitter. Go back and forth btwn the two.
    • poetryghost q7 I’d like to see a tweet up for us uklibchatters. Could still have a topic n tweet but some of us in a pub tog, possibly 1< pub
      • librarysherpa @poetryghost That’s the word that escaped me, Tweet-Up! Yes, have one and also engage others online as a normal chat would
      • uklibchat @poetryghost brilliant idea!
      • uklibchat It would be amazing to see local #uklibchat tweet-ups happening ๐Ÿ˜€ If anyone fancies organising one let us know & we’ll promote!

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