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‘Design Your Own LIS Qualification’ – #uklibchat session at #LibCampLDN

Last weekend we facilitated a session at Library Camp London called ‘Design Your Own LIS Qualification’. This was the second time we’ve combined a Twitter chat with a face-to-face group discussion (the first was at Library Camp in Birmingham earlier this year). I was live-tweeting the session, and this time we were able to get a laptop hooked up to a plasma screen, and had Tweet Chat running in the background so everyone at our session could see the tweets tagged #uklibchat. This seemed to work fairly well, though any comments or suggestions for improvement would be welcomed of course!

During the session we talked about our experiences of LIS qualifications, the extent to which what we learnt has been used in working life, and what we would like to change about the current system of qualifications.

Kristine Chapman and Jennifer Yellin have both written great summaries of the session on their respective blogs Taken for Binding and The Neon Librarian, and all of the tweets are archived on Storify. If you have blogged about our session please let me know, and we’ll add in more links here as we get them.

Personally I found it really interesting hearing from everyone in the session, in particular when each participant gave the one thing they would change about the qualification system if they could. There were loads of great ideas coming from the group and from Twitter, and I know a few academics were taking part so perhaps some of your ideas may become a reality!

Oh, and in a rare occurance, all of the members of the #uklibchat team were in the same place at the same time, which was nice! Here we all are:

#uklibchat team photo

Left to right: Sam, Ka-Ming, Sarah, Linsey, Annie


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