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Agenda: 6 August: The Changing World of Libraries and Information

For many of us working in libraries, both our workplace and the general world of information appear to have been in a constant state of change for the past few years. Open access, the changes in the use of library space…not to mention all the technological change…

Therefore, at #uklibchat, we thought it would be a great idea to do a chat on change – what kind of change you’ve come across already, how you deal with it and what change(s) you might want to see in the future.

As usual, we’ll be chatting on Twitter from 6.30pm-8.30pm UK time on the first Tuesday of the month: Tuesday 6th August 2013.  If you’ve not joined #uklibchat before here’s our guide to joining in.

You can add questions to our agenda here. You can also read the views of our guest blogger, Andrew, here.


3 comments on “Agenda: 6 August: The Changing World of Libraries and Information

  1. Cathy Phillpotts
    July 31, 2013

    One of the changes that has affected us is the plethora of different devices that students may bring into the Library with the expectation that someone will be able to help them to access e-content via their own device. Very often, the staff have no personal experience of a specific device and it is difficult for us to keep abreast of issues accessing our content via devices. We held a “show and tell” event for staff to try to address this – with staff members bringing their own devices and telling the group the pros and cons (with iPads, Kindles, iPhones, iPods, Sony E-Readers among others brought to the event). It can be difficult to keep up with new devices and to try to keep our guidance for accessing Library Content up to date for our users.
    This also makes planning space difficult as we just do not know whether we can reduce the number of PC workstations in the Library, or whether we need to maintain numbers of PCs as high as possible for students who do not have a PC/Laptop. Presumably at some point in the future all students will have their own device that is suitable for writing assignments.

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