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#uklibchat LIS Student 2013 – What is it for?

We recently started up a public list  for  2013 LIS Students on our Twitter account


We’re inviting current students to let us know if they want to be added to the list (just tweet to us @uklibchat and tell us you want to be added to the list)

So what is it for?

One of the reasons why we started #uklibchat was to help students studying  Library and Information Studies courses to connect and talk to each other.  When I was a student, I knew what my library school was doing, but I was super curious about what other students on other courses were doing.

We’re hoping that students can use the list, to find other  LIS students and connect with them.

How to use it

By visiting the list, you can see what students are talking about, sometimes it will be about cats, and knitting, and gin, and football, but sometimes ppl will also be talking about dissertations, what they’re working on etc. It’s an interesting snapshot.  For example, as I’m writing this, I know that there’s a Twitter workshop happening in City University

You can also subscribe to the list from the  Twitter list page (top right corner of the list page), this way,  the list will be put into your twitter account, and you can visit it from there.

If you going into the  List members page, you will get the names and profiles of the people who are on the list. If they’ve listed where they are studying, that information will also be there.

The world is your mollusc*

After this, it’s up to you.  Follow people who have the same interests and inspirations,  get chatting about what you’re getting out of your class.

Remember you can also tweet to us (@uklibchat)  or join our  #uklibchat sessions  and connect to Librarians all over.  We currently have 1,897 followers.  That’s a lot of gin drinking cat lovers**.


*and it also travels on the back of four elephants on a turtle.  [Terry Pratchett, Discworld]

** aside from those who don’t gin drink and/or hate cats.


About Ka-Ming

Librarian at a University in London and one of the founding members of uklibchat.wordpress.com Find me @agentk23

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