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#uklibchat Summary – 3D Printing & Makerspaces with Dundee Libraries – July 2014

A summary of our joint chat with Dundee Libraries, Kevin McGinely, on 3D Printing & Maker-spaces in Libraries is now available. 

#uklibchat joined with Dundee Libraries and Maker-spaces creator Kevin McGinely to discuss their makerspaces & 3D printing within their central library in Dundee, Scotland.

This discussion created a lively lunchtime chat, discussing the topic of Maker-spaces and how this can be used within a public library with particular focus on 3D printing and how this can connect communities into creating pieces to better their lifestyle.

In the following summary I have tried to group responses together, some threads happened off the #uklibchat hashtag and others did not add in the question they were answering, so I have tried to connect the conversation as best I can.

Q1 – What do you think a makerspace could add to a public library 

@CarnegieUKTrust We’re working to support the future of public #libraries check out our current future work  #uklibchat #makerspaces

@kevinmcginley16 New audiences and demographic, adds to existing equality of access to new tech #uklibchat

@JeanetteCastle some libraries are leading the way but others need support from their peers towards this offer to our communities

@SouthTyneLibs Def a good idea, employability and small businesses could be great #uklibchat

@uklibchat @kevinmcginley16 Planning new cent lib and wanting to contribute to regen agenda. Can #makerspaces encourage new businesses?

Q2 – What type of making would you like to see in Libraries?

@commonlibraries We’re working to prototype libraries of the future http://t.co/ssukLCxupt #uklibchat #makerspaces

@uklibchat I would love to see making with YA and their grandparents teaching the older on new tec

@JeanetteCastle  employability and bridging the digital divide to the hard to reach that Need us is a key priority #uklibchat

@kevinmcginley16 What about this book scanner http://t.co/Pj4zdsGkQx? Could be an interesting addition along side 3D printers #uklibchat

Q3- How can 3D printing be used in Libraries?

@kevinmcginley16 access is really important gives motivation to a community that has fallen on hard times #uklibchat

@JeanetteCastle do we need to support libraries and create tool kits to help public libraries inhabit this space ? #uklibchat

@dundeemakespace I see makerspaces in libraries as being an extension of the core principal of sharing knowledge and skills in the modern age #uklibchat

@uklibchat Q3 Was thinking maybe @ReadingActivist gp could use #makerspaces to create lib related items for sale as small business?

@kevinmcginley16 @uklibchat The Waiting Room @stbotolphs_ now hosts Men in Sheds alongside Age UK http://t.co/93QO16KFnT #uklibchat

Q4 -How would 3D printing be useful in more rural libraries, advantages disadvantages?

 there’s a library / hacker bus in the Netherlands that might be of interest re rural efforts …

@JeanetteCastle what an opportunity we have to empower rural communities with entrepreneurial know how and cultural creativity #uklibchat

@JeanetteCastle @uklibchat And this might be helpful as well – resources for making the case http://t.co/RGEjk4GHie #uklibchat

Q5 – What would be the challenges facing libraries to incorporate 3D printing into their libraries?

 RT @kevinmcginley16: @uklibchat @SouthTyneLibs Funding can also be a major issue #uklibchat <Check out: bit.ly/1rRaLlu for ideas…

@LibrarySherpa#uklibchat Is the cost of a 3D printer a wise investment for a library? Is there an ROI for them?

@kevinmcginley16  @uklibchat 3D printing costs are coming down so may be realistic in near future to have in all libraries #uklibchat

@kevinmcginley16 yes – it’s about re-imagining libraries so they’re as much about knowledge production &amp; exchange as consumption #uklibchat

Q6 – How would you as a librarian approach this new idea of 3D printing to your colleagues? OR how could this be used in Libraries?

q6 my @imperiallibrary colleagues approach the idea of #makerspaces & #3dprinting *with me*. Cos we’re forward-looking & engaged.

@preater #uklibchat q6 What I am saying there is it’s a whole-library “problem” (really, opportunity), not something for 1 person or team.

@JeanetteCastle @uklibchat maker spaces as part of our universal digital offer and tied into council priorities and single outcome agreements #uklibchat

@uklibchat To me a lot of it is about future proofing public library services and being ready to bridge the digital skills gap #uklibchat

@stbotolphs_ @SouthTyneLibs @uklibchat Yeh, a lot of potential to cut costs and tailor services with that #uklibchat

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