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#uklibchat Tuesday 3 May 2016, 18:30 – 20:30: User engagement

Our next #uklibchat will take place on Tuesday 3 May from 18:30-20:30 UK time. The topic will be ‘User engagement: reaching the remote, the afraid and the disinterested’. Libraries want to engage as many different user groups as possible.  Do libraries still offer a range of services that excites and engages the perceived needs of our evolving audiences?  Few if any library engages all the users it would like, so this chat will consider where the gap exists between the library and non-users: whether new services using the existing skill set could be promoted to help non-users solve those common problems they might value might fill a service gap and open the way to the targeted promotion of other products and services, whether the problem is the perception of library services, and whether some audiences are culturally or otherwise reluctant to be seen to ask for help, and how this might be overcome.

A feature blog post is available outlining some of the issues and drawing together some discussions and examples of library innovations.

The agenda is available. Please contribute your own questions to the agenda and please join us on Tuesday 1 March at 18:30-20:30 to share and exchange ideas and discuss your experiences.


About philoslibris

I am a chartered librarian currently employed as the Assistant Librarian (Promotions) managing the promotional communications of the University of Portsmouth.

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