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Accolades and awards

After 5 years of #uklibchat, we are pleased and proud to announce these awards for our most avid contributors and longest standing supporters.

We had the hardest time working out how to sift a manageable number of your to single out with an award from the enormous number who contribute so much to making #uklibchat what it is.  We value all your contributions enormously for opening our eyes to new developments and perspectives, helping develop our knowledge and skills, and for coming together every month to promote and contribute to our chats.  For in the end #uklibchat really is its contributors – if you did not turn up to chat every month, we would not have a lot to talk about!

With no further ado, on to the awards…

Most prolific contributor

For single-handedly contributing more tweets including the #uklibchat hashtag than anyone else the award Most prolific contributor goes to Lydia Craemer (@infointuitive), who according to her Twitter bio joins us each month all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa.



Most prolific UK contributor

Second only to Lydia in the total volume of tweets contributed is Manchester NLPN (@NLPN_).



Most fondly missed contributor

We were shocked and saddened to learn of the sudden and untimely death of Jane Marshall (@roogly), who died in a tragic walking accident in Snowdonia earlier this year.

Jane’s death was reported in the Daily News, among other sources.  A memorial Storify for Jane has also been created by The University of Manchester Library.



Most honoured founding member

kmp-selfie.jpgFinally, we are sure you will all join us in thanking the founder of #uklibchat, Ka-Ming Pang, for her tireless imagination, support, energy and tenacity in creating and sustaining #uklibchat from its inception to now.

Well done and thank you, Ka-Ming!


Once again, thank you all for joining us and joining in for our online chats.  If you have a topic you would like us to be the focus of a future #uklibchat, please drop us an email, direct message or tweet!




About philoslibris

I am a chartered librarian currently employed as the Assistant Librarian (Promotions) managing the promotional communications of the University of Portsmouth.

One comment on “Accolades and awards

  1. Annie
    August 11, 2016

    Thank you to everyone mentioned in David’s post, and to everyone who joins us for #uklibchat whether it’s every month or just occasionally!

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