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#uklibchat 7th Feb agenda


Our next #uklibchat will take place on Tuesday 7 February from 18:30-20:30, UK time. The topic will be “Information literacy: state of the art, challenges and opportunities”.

Teaching the values and skills of information literacy is central to all sectors of librarianship.  An understanding of how information is structured, can be ethically and effectively used is needed both to understand the role and importance of information and libraries, and to help people become informed, resilient, self-reliant, intellectually independent citizens capable of making the informed choices on which a functioning society rests.

The agenda is available.  Please add your questions to the agenda and join us for the chat for what is sure to be a lively discussion of the changes, challenges and opportunities of this central tenet of librarianship in every sector.


About philoslibris

I am a chartered librarian currently employed as the Assistant Librarian (Promotions) managing the promotional communications of the University of Portsmouth.

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