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Decolonising the library

The near complete lack of black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) representation among library staff makes services less approachable for BAME potential library users, while the lack of BAME representation in library collections makes it harder for BAME individuals to find content to which they can easily relate. In turn this imposes psychological hurdles to engagement and achievement and contributes to the more widespread insitutionalised racism of western society that erases the impact of BAME people, making them feel isolated, making their lives harder, more stressful and more tiring. To grow up BAME risks being defined and limited by those around you and to see the world through a lens not of your own making. Libraries should strive to be part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

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#uklibchat 3rd February – Decolonising the library

Welcome back and a very Happy New Year to you all! We are kick-starting the chat series this year as we mean to go on with the challenging and often … Continue reading

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December Collaboration with BIBChatDE

We’ve been looking for new things to try – including our Virtual tour of one of our committees’ library – and this collaboration fit in very well with that. So … Continue reading

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#uklibchat Tuesday 29th October – virtual tour of The Curve, Slough

We are trying something new for our next chat! On Tuesday 29th October, #uklibchat team member Gaby Koenig will be giving a virtual tour of her workplace, The Curve, Slough … Continue reading

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#uklibchat 7th October – teaching in librarianship

With the summer holidays quickly becoming a distant memory, our next #uklibchat topic on Monday 7th October (7-8.30 p.m. BST) is on teaching in librarianship.

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Feature #54 – Reflections on a library building project

From the creation of the project brief to the eventual hand-over of the building, years can elapse.  These are years where you can’t afford to stand still and wait for the new or refurbished building to be delivered.  If you don’t push ahead with your service then you may well find yourself drifting behind, pinning all your hopes on a building project to revive your fortunes.

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#uklibchat 5 August – Library building and refurbishment projects

Join us on 5 August from 7pm (BST) for a discussion about Library building and refurbishment projects.

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#uklibchat July 1st Information for patients and their families: Making sure it is based on best evidence

The next #uklibchat will take place on 1st July, 19.00-20.30 UK time (BST). Our topic this month will be Information for patients and their families: Making sure it is based on … Continue reading

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#uklibchat summary – 3rd June 2019: UX research in libraries

Earlier this week we had a great chat on the topic of User Experience Research in Libraries. We were very fortunate to have Andy, Helen and Bryony from the UXLibs … Continue reading

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Introducing the newest member of #uklibchat

  Hi everyone! I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the #uklibchat team. My name’s Caitlin – you might have seen me in various chats as @scaredycait – and I’m … Continue reading

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