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About #uklibchat

#uklibchat is a monthly discussion group that takes place on Twitter, usually from 7 to 8.30pm (UK time) on a Monday, using the Twitter account @uklibchat. More info on how on our #uklibchat FAQs page.

The idea for #uklibchat stemmed from a Student Activism and Engagement talk that  Ka-Ming @agentk23  and Jo @dreamingentity gave at the  CILIP Careers Development Group’s 2011 New Professional’s Conference,  where the idea of using Twitter to connect UK LIS students and professionals was suggested. This concept was based on the  Hack Library School #libchat , a twitter chat that runs in the USA for LIS students.

The original #uklibchat team connected via Twitter (appropriately enough) and our first ever #uklibchat was held on 7th July 2011.

Spelling #uklibchat

When quoting us, or talking about us, please use #uklibchat all letters are in lowercase.


In July 2013 Ka-Ming (@agentk23) gave a 15 minute presentation for  Umbrella 2013 on #uklibchat. This covers how #uklibchat is run, the benefits of using #uklibchat, and the skills needed for running #uklibchat.

July 2013 #uklibchat Prezi


In July 2012,  Ka-Ming (@agentk23) gave a 30 minute presentation on #uklibchat for ARCLIB‘s 25th anniversary conference:  Shaping the Future

This covers how and why we got started, who our users are, what they like about #uklibchat, and how we fit into the wider context

July 2012 #uklibchat Prezi


The #uklibchat team

The #uklibchat team consists of six wonderful, friendly, happy-to-help people. If you have any queries or questions about #uklibchat please feel free to drop them a line on Twitter, or comment via this site.

Ka-Ming: @AgentK23

Gaby : @Gabyk_Lib

Siobhan: @shivguinn

Annie: @Annie_Bob

David: @forestguard

Our most recent team photo at #uklibchat visit to Ireland. From left to right: Siobhan, Gaby, Annie and Ka Ming. David was with us in spirit :).

Former members:

Linsey: @Spoontragedy

Jo: @DreamingEntity

Adrienne: @sphericalfruit

Sam: @LibWig

Sarah: @Sarahcchilds

Sarah: @biostew


One comment on “About #uklibchat

  1. Potenza Atiogbe
    May 12, 2016

    My name is Potenza Atiogbe and I am the CILIP HLG Communications Lead. I know you are looking for future discussion topics and wondered whether I could suggest journal content pre/post the upcoming conferences e.g. CILIP, HLG etc e.g. what topics attendees to the
    conference or other conferences happening at the same time would like to see in library/information focussed newsletters, journals and other publications?

    Those who may not be available to attend various conferences may also be
    interested to have a voice as to what topics/discussion areas they would like to see in journals to mirror topics at conferences etc? What would make people interested in reading through various
    information/library focussed journals publications etc? I just thought it would be great to hear what people think of current journal content especially around conference

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