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Feature #48: Request a copy: how a small button made a big impact

Our #uklibchat on Monday 6th Feb is on: Simple/small changes that make a difference (our chat agenda is available). We’re happy to have Jennifer Bayjoo’s article on how a simple … Continue reading

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Feature post #47 Playful learning

“Man is whole only when he is at play” ~ Schiller (1954) Playful learning covers a dizzying variety of approaches, perhaps demonstrated best in a library context by Edinburgh University … Continue reading

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Feature post #46: Getting Research To Practitioner

 Last month post exploring the topic of LIS Student Research we had Michelle Bond, one of the founders of LISDIS – the Library and Information Sciences Dissertations Conference agreed to write a … Continue reading

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Feature post #45: Recent LIS Student Research

When we decided on the topic of LIS student research we knew we wanted approach LISDIS to contribute to the discussion. Happily for us, Michelle Bond, one of the founders … Continue reading

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Feature post #44 Creative collaborations

For the upcoming #uklibchat on creative collaborations, we are very pleased to present a feature article by Gary Green, Digital Services Lead at Surrey Libraries, on the importance of collaborating … Continue reading

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Feature Post #43 Fake news: thoughts and review of some recent sources

Our monthly feature post is brought to you by our very own team member, Siobhan McGuinness. This month for #uklibchat Twitter chat we bring you the topic of Fake News, … Continue reading

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Feature post #43 SWOT analysis for libraries – a compilation piece

Our next chat is on May 2nd at 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm BST Topic: SWOT in libraries The Agenda is open so please add your questions. The inspiration for … Continue reading

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Feature Post #42: The Former Librarians Project

Our next #uklibchat on Tuesday 5th May 6.30-8.30pm (British Summer Time) is titled: What the Librarian Did Next:    The open agenda is available The inspiration for this chat was a … Continue reading

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Feature Post #41 Information literacy: why should you care?

– by the CILIP Information Literacy Group (Twitter: @infolitgroup) Since 2004, information literacy (IL) has been defined by CILIP as “Knowing when and why you need information, where to find … Continue reading

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Feature Post #40 Answering Family History Enquiries 101

Our guest post on this month’s topic is by Penny Allen. Follow her on twitter at @cdnlocgen Penny came to the UK in 2012 and has worked as a librarian … Continue reading

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