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Feature Articles

Feature articles that have been written for #uklibchat

#01   Innovative Use of Technologies in Libraries  –  Gary Green

#02  Open Access – Geraldine Clement-Stoneham

#03 Managing Your Workload  – Jo Alcock

#04 Introduction to Graphic Information  Systems  – Nick Chrisman

#05 Moving to the Dark Side: Practitioner to Academic Practice – Barbara Sen

#06 The Many Faces of Collection Development  – Wendy Taylor  and Michael Williams

#07a  Across Library Sectors – Academic Library to School Library – Siobham Cottam

#07b Across Library Sectors – Public to Legal to Academic Art Library – Jayne Roberts

#07c Across Library Sectors – Academic Library to Careers Information – Michelle

#07d Across Library Sectors – Public, Law and Local Government Department – Clare Brown

#08 The Changing World of Libraries and Information – Andrew Preater

#09 What they don’t teach you in library school – Siobhan

#10a David Attenboroughs in cardies – Andy Priestner

#10b Online user experience aspect of libraries – Matthew Borg

#11 What do we talk about when we talk about digital libraries?– Simon Barron

#12 Reading – Mobeena Khan

#13a  How far does a librarian stretch? Supporting students and their wellbeing  – Helen Murphy

#13b When to go beyond your job description – Lauren LaTulip

#14 Thinking about the link between library use and design – Bryony Ramsden

#15 The Coming NFC Revolution? – Mike Fortune

#16 Teaching as a librarian and FHEA status – Samantha Halford

#17 Are libraries open to all? How do we make libraries accessible? – Jamie Redgate

#18 Research Data Management – Jez Cope

#19 Building the New Library Professionals Network – NLPN

#20 Influencing and Negotiating – Ray Philips

#21a Public Libraries Crisis – Linsey Chrisman

#21b Public Libraries – Gary Green

#22a Career support for LIS students – Stephen Pinfield & Pam McKinney

#22b A recent student’s experience of a library qualification : Just a piece of paper? – Henry Morgan

#23a. A recent interview with a Librarian and his experience of collaborating outside libraries. – Martin O’ Connor

#23b A recent interview with a Librarian and her experience of collaborating outside libraries – Elaine Bean

#24 Using statistical software to analyse qualitative data – Mathieu Lubrun

#25 Carnegie Shadowing in a School Library – Nicky Adkins

#26 Increasing student engagement in library inductions – Annie Gleeson

#27 LIS Careers Surgery – Katharine Schopflin

#28 Marketing in Libraries – Elizabeth Oddy

#29 Ebook ecology – Sue Stevenson and Rachel Cutts

#30 A C21st Professional Association – Nick Poole

#31 Data: The Big, The Small, The Beautiful: Impacts, Opportunities and Challenges for Libraries – Sarah Stewart

#32 Internships: An Irish perspective on alternative ways of gaining LIS experience – Siobhan McGuinness

#33 Mid career directions – a viewpoint – Laura Woods

#34 User engagement – reaching the remote, the afraid and the disinterested – David Bennett

#35 Building resilience – David Bennett

#36 Connections and Collaborations – Siobhan McGuinness

#37 Altmetrics – Richard P Hulser

#38 Working with Teens in Libraries – Matt Imrie

#39a The importance of leadership education in library courses – Dr Jessica Bates

#39b Mentoring & Leadership as a New Professional – Siobhan McGuinness

#39c Becoming a Coach – Emma Burnett

#40 Answering Family History Enquiries 101 – Penny Allen

#41: Information Literacy: Why should you care? – CILIP Information Literacy Group

#42 The Former Librarians Project – Verity Westgate

#43: Fake news: thoughts and reviews of some recent resources – Siobhan McGuinness

#44: Creative Collaborations – Gary Green

#45: Recent LIS Student Research – Michelle Bond

#46: Getting Research To Practitioner – Claire McGuinness

#47: Playful Learning  – David Bennett

#48: Request a Copy: How a Small Button Made a Big Impact – Jennifer Bayjoo


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