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Our policy is to put up a summary of the chat within 3 months of the #uklibchat being run.

Recently, we have also started putting together archives of tweets for individual sessions. These are in a spreadsheet format.

You can also search our full Twitter Timeline


5 August 2014 – Teaching in Libraries written summary coming soon … Archive of tweets

8 July 2014 – Mobile Tech in Libraries …  Archive of tweets

3 June 2014 – Library design & refurbishmentsArchive of tweets

6 May 2014 –   Classifying the Librarian …  Archive of tweets

1st April 2014 – ReadingArchive of tweets

6 March 2014 – Digital LibrariesArchive of tweets

7 Jan 2014 – New Years Resolutions …  Archive of tweets

3rd December 2013 – Beyond Borders: Connect and Collaborate Internationally Archive of tweets

7th November 2013 – Putting the User First

1st October 2013 – What They Don’t Teach You in Library School  Summary …. Archive of tweets

3rd Sept 2013 –  Project Management

6th August 2013 – The Changing World of Libraries and Information

9th July 2013 –  Across Library Sectors: Summary  ….    Archive of tweets

6th June 2013 – Collection Management

7th May 2013 – Librarians and Research

2nd April 2013 –  Visual Resources

5th March 2013 –  Managing Your Workload 

3rd March 2013 –  Design your own LIS qualification #uklibchat live at #libcampldn

21st February 2013 – Librarians and Personality Special Session

5th February 2013 – Open Access

8th January 2013 – A New Year’s #uklibchat

4th December 2012 – Innovative use of  Technology in Libraries

6th November 2012 –  Supporting Offsite Users

2nd October – Library Management

4th September: Digitisation

21st August: Outreach and Inclusion

7th August: Librarian and Publishers

24th July: Open Source and Open License Content

1oth July: Conferences, Networks and Events

26th June: Information Literacy and Needs

12th June – Library Spaces and Space Management

29th May 2012- Libraries and Leadership

15th May 2012- Careers

1st May 2012 –  Jobhunting

22nd March 2012 – Continuing Professional Development

8th March 2012: Library Activism

23rd February 2012: Cataloguing and Classification

9th February 2012: National Libraries Day

26th January 2012: Professional Bodies  – Summary Unavailable

12th January 2012: Libraries and Librarians in 2012

1st December  2011: Mobile Devices in Libraries

17th November 2011: Games and Gamification in Libraries

3rd November 2011: Library Schools  (part 1)  Library Schools (part 2)

20th October 2011: The Future of Libraries

6th October 2011: CPD23 Chat

22nd Sept 2011: LIS Jobs and Careers

1st Sept 2011: Reflection and Library Routes/Roots

18th August 2011: Breaking Down Barriers within the Profession

4th August 2011:  eBooks

21st July 2011: Library Marketing and Promotion

7th July 2011 : LIS and School Activism

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